Handcrafted parts

110 hp at 7750rpm

Total weight 205 kg (452 lbs)

Handcrafted parts

110 hp at 7750rpm

Total weight 205 kg (452 lbs)

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The Art of Craftsmanship


The Art of Craftsmanship
140 mph

Nostalgia max speed

86 lb-ft

Maximum tightening torque at 6,000 rpm

1170 cc

Engine capacity

31 in

In seat height (adjustable)

The Nostalgia project is a one-of-a-kind endeavor to capture the ambition of the ill-fated BMW R7. With comfortable suspension and unique steering mechanisms encased in a canonical design inspired by the BMW R7 pre-war prototype, the Nostalgia motorcycle gives enthusiasts a slice of the past without sacrificing performance or rider experience.
  • "One of the most important, innovative and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced."
  • "It’s very Art Deco, it’s just beautiful, what a wonderful piece of machine."


Base motorcycle includes:
- Traditional acrylic black paint with creme color stripes
- Leather grips and seat: diamond or straight stitches texture finish (Ferrari Nappa leather)
- Custom foot rest or BMW R nine T stock option
- Gas tank cap engravings

Custom modifications are available. For more information please contact us at:
855-421-2929 | sales@nmoto.com
Unveiled in 1934, the BMW R7 was a motorcycle ahead of its time both conceptually and practically. Despite the futuristic appeal of its sleek design, the R7’s high manufacturing costs kept it from ever seeing mass production. It wasn’t until 2005, when the original prototype was uncovered and showcased at Pebble Beach that the world truly came to appreciate this innovative design. Valued at over $1 million, this original R7 is the stuff of collectors’ and motorcycle enthusiasts’ dreams.
Among those to appreciate the BMW R7 was team at NMOTO. Taking inspiration from the past, NMOTO then launched the Nostalgia Project, an ambitious and successful attempt to join old designs with current technology. By utilizing modern materials and traditional manufacturing methods, NMOTO was able to create a lighter and more powerful final product.
  • 1934BMW R7

    The first and only BMW R7 prototype is introduced. Shortly after, the project was closed and the R7 never saw mass production. The prototype was dismantled and stored for over 70 years, along with its blueprints. BMW instead chose to focus on more cost effective sports motorcycles, which were more affordable.
  • 2005Rediscovery

    When the BMW R7 prototype was uncovered in 2005, time and neglect had taken its toll. 70 percent of the motorcycle was still in decent condition, many of the parts were damaged by rust; the electric battery caused serious corrosion of the steel. Restoration was an expensive, long-term project, but BMW was resilient.
  • 2007The Legacy Reborn

    Two years later in 2007 restoration of the BMW R7 was completed: all parts were obtained or reconstructed. The prototype was painted in BMW’s signature black, with white pinstripes added later.
  • 2012“Best-in-Class” at Pebble Beach

    The BMW R7 won best-in-class in the motorcycle category at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The award was received by Karl Baumer, Head of BMW Group Classic.
  • 2017The Legend, Reimagined

    NMOTO, a motorcycle manufacturing company located in South Florida, begins to reimagine the iconic design, seeking to bring it into the modern era. They deem these efforts “The Nostalgia Project.”
  • 2018The Nostalgia Project Unveiled

    The Nostalgia Project is a limited production R Nine T in the style of an R7 with handcrafted components created in-house. Working with two world-renowned designers, NMOTO developed a motorcycle which perfectly captures the spirit of the Art Deco era while maintaining affordability.

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