NMOTO, a motorcycle manufacturing company in Miami, FL, presents the Nostalgia project: a beautiful design inspired by the 1934 BMW R7. Combining vintage aesthetics with modern technology, NMOTO’s Nostalgia Project allows consumers to own a piece of history without breaking the bank.

Attention to Detail
The Nostalgia project is a one-of-a-kind endeavor to capture the ambition of the ill-fated BMW R7. With comfortable suspension and unique steering mechanisms encased in a canonical design inspired by the BMW R7 pre-war prototype, the Nostalgia motorcycle gives enthusiasts a slice of the past without sacrificing performance or rider experience.

In just 9 months from concept and final product, the Nostalgia project is an aerodynamic, hand-crafted masterpiece. It’s streamlined profile mimics the dimensions of the 1934 prototype despite it’s modern R nineT base. Primarily constructed of aluminum, the final product is lighter than both stock BMW R nineT and the prototype from which it gets its design inspiration. In total, 74 custom parts were created in-house by NMOTO’s expert engineers and fabricators. This includes a new 12-liter fuel tank and custom exhaust system.

NMOTO designers didn’t stop with a beautiful exterior. The entire electrical system was also re-designed to accommodate this unprecedented project. NMOTO is the first company to successfully integrate the BMW R nineT electrical system with non-standard, aftermarket control panels in the handlebar.

Beyond parts created by our own team, NMOTO utilized top quality parts from premium manufacturers such as Motogadget. The Nostalgia project imitates vintage design by reincorporating the ignition lock and speedometer into the headlamp housing, though both parts are modernized. LED indicator lights and a keyless ignition system were both worked into the redesign of the R nineT electrical system, which is mostly concealed within the framework itself. NMOTO also takes special pride in the exhaust system on the Nostalgia project, which is completely handcrafted in-house using stainless steel.

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A Legendary Inspiration

“One of the most important, innovated and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced”
BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Issue #3 (http://bmwmcmag.com/)

The BMW R7 is one of the most innovative motorcycles of its time. It introduced the telescopic front fork, had a concealed gas tank, and also featured an 800 cubic cm boxer M208 engine with a solid cast crankshaft. Despite this, many of the technical advancements found in the R7 weren’t seen again until 1969. Unfortunate timing and high manufacturing cost also buried the unique art deco design of the R7 for decades until it was rediscovered in 2005. Thankfully for motorcycle enthusiasts, the BMW R7’s original prototype was completely restored and
reintroduced to the world at Pebble Beach in 2012.

Jay Leno states: “It’s very Art Deco, it’s just beautiful, what a wonderful piece of machine”.

The primary objective of the Nostalgia project was more than simply creating a scale accurate look of the R7; NMOTO aimed to adapt the design to a modern chassis, taking into account the features of the serial BMW R nineT so as not to lose any modern performance dynamic.

In particular, NMOTO engineers and designers worked together to design, develop, and fabricate completely new aluminum body parts. This also required them to narrow the rear subframe to better match the original prototype’s build. By concealing all the wiring into the framework of the motorcycle, NMOTO was able to maintain the sleek and streamlined appeal of the R7.

The BMW R nineT: An Ideal Base
Collectors know that vintage motorcycles require constant maintenance and attention, which is why they are more often kept as collectibles than for utility. NMOTO believes that the primary pleasure in motorcycle ownership is in riding, which is why we created the Nostalgia project. Beyond just being beautiful, it is reliable and comfortable enough to drive every day.

The serial BMW R nineT is modern, fast, and comfortable, with a legendary air-cooled Bavarian boxer engine. The 1170 cc and 110 hp engine, six speed gearbox, traction control and anti-lock braking system all help to propel the Nostalgia project into the modern motorcycle arena. With supreme speed and maneuverability, this Heritage family bike served as the perfect base for the Nostalgia project.

While working on the Nostalgia project, NMOTO designers paid special attention not to disturb the perfectly balanced chassis or engine of the original BMW R nineT, as it closely resembled pre-war hardtail motorcycles which lacked rear suspension. Instead, they crafted a special bracket for the original wing mounting system and added the new mufflers to enhance the vintage style.

Small-Scale Production and Customization Options
The re-emergence of the 1934 BMW R7 in 2007 ignited a buzzing excitement in motorcycle fans everywhere. In the early stages of development, the Nostalgia project was of huge public interest, even without widespread publicity, resulting in numerous pre-orders. Because of this, NMOTO decided to create small scale serial models, equipping the Miami-based workshop with modern equipment and enlisting the help of world-class specialists.
With 11 color combinations, adjustable steering and seat trim finish, NMOTO offers customers the broadest customization options. The rear of the motorcycle can be equipped with a luggage trunk or passenger seat, or customers can opt for a manual gear shift mount on the tank in the style of pre-war motorcycles. NMOTO also plans to have its own line of accessories for the BMW R nineT.

For additional information please visit www.nmoto.com